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Another thing to consider is that the tool has only 12 amps and might not be powerful enough to handle large yards and thick grass and weeds. What might prevent you from buying this particular tool is the price. You’ll need some extra cash to get the Worx edger, especially compared to the two previous products on our list. The working time becomes very short after a while, as batteries get older and are easier to drain. Greenworks has produced exceptional outdoor power tools since 2007. The company has headquarters in Mooresville, N.C. It delivers all kinds of tools and equipment, from lawnmowers to pressure washers.

best lawn edger for curves

You should have no issue getting your edger started with just a few pulls of the recoil starter handle. Other users noted that it did not start reliably and that the blade should be more rigid. Many users were disappointed at the lack of power and found that they had to push it more slowly than expected. Users recommend persevering with this edger because the results you can achieve after a few practice sessions are impressive.

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This 40V cordless lawn edger is ideal for small- to medium-sized yards. It offers impressive working time and switches between maximum power and runtime. Whether you want your lawn to look tidy or want to design creative patterns or shapes, a lawn edger makes yard work easier. Unlike sheers, lawnmowers, and weed whackers, edgers are built to produce precise lines. It’s always advisable to use the best tool for the job, and with that in mind, we’ve put together some of the top lawn edgers available.

The edges have two staples bent upwards to interlock with the adjacent piece. Timber fencing looks beautiful, even when it’s miniaturized. But the underground sections re vulnerable to rot and pests, so they need extra treatment. With a miniature 4-inch fence, this may not be cost-effective. Instead of treating the bottom sections, they attached metal stakes that secure your edging into the lawn. This package consists of 10-inch interlocking pieces that total 10 feet.

best lawn edger for curves

Other attracted pests could invade your neighboring garden bed, ruining the plants and even contaminating them with diseases. Concrete can be hand poured or poured using a curb machine, allowing it to be flexible with the design of your garden bed. Concrete can also be stamped, stained, or painted to draw attention.

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Bury most of it to draw the eye to the flowers while keeping that simple line for a clean lawn and garden space. The best part about this black edging is the ability to create unique looks with something so simple. If you have a deck walkway, just a simple best lawn edger for curves drop off into the grass just looks sloppy. You can use plastic edging and river stones to create a modern look that helps your deck stand out from the yard. This lawn edging technique looks great up against the porch or even next to a pool deck.

It’s a cordless device that runs on a 40V lithium battery and has an impressive working time. You can use it for both small- and medium-sized yards and switch between maximum power and maximum runtime according to your needs. Electric lawn edgers are probably the most popular type on the market. The reasons for this are various, starting with high efficiency and low price.

Its spacer guard is adjustable and prevents flowers and plants from being hacked to death. This model only weighs 5.3 lbs, so you won’t strain your back when using it. Without installing a lawn edging solution, you’ll need to maintain the edges of your lawn yourself. You’ll do this with edging shears and a half moon lawn edging tool. They generally cost more than plastic or rubber lawn edging and yes, you can only create straight edges. If you want an efficient lawn edge trimmer that is also quiet and maneuverable, you have to check out the electric trimmer from Worx.

In the end, you want a reliable product that grooms your lawn with style. One of the first features that you’ll best lawn edger for curves notice is the pivoting handle. In fact, the two handles on the edger give it a professional appearance.

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Despite the name, Master Mark Plastics specializes exclusively in products for edging or to help take care of your yard. Though all of the products that this company sells are in fact made of plastic, but they do come in different grades of plastic. In fact, the only non-lawn edging product sold is a splash block for rain gutters.

You will want to find a landscape edging product that works well under your lawn’s circumstances. The downfall of fence edging is that it’s not a solid wall, leaving gaps for grass clippings to flow freely onto your mulch or soil. This fencing solution is also known to be flimsy and not very sturdy, especially when trying to drive the stakes on the bottom of the fencing into the ground. If you want to stay inexpensive, the fencing will more than likely be plastic, carrying over the cons of plastic material as well. Fencing as a landscape edging is affordable and can be classy, usually coming in kits with pieces that interlock together, creating a border around your garden bed.


This steel-handled manual lawn edger has an added bonus in its serrated blade edge. The teeth help you to cut through tougher sod and sink down into the soil. With a bit of muscle, you can even take on St. Augustine or Bermuda grass.

I like to think of myself as the Bond of the backyard, that is if yard work ever became sexy. I write about everything about indoor and outdoor gardening and the dread-it-but-still-need-to-do-it chores around the yard, like cleaning out the gutter guards. Having said that, if you feel your garden is trying to ruin all your hard work, feel free to edge whenever you think it’s required. As I mentioned previously, you need to be pretty serious about power edging if you’re going to go down this road.

  • You can actually edge flowerbeds with a sharpened knife, a dinner knife with a good handle is ideal.
  • A lawn edger is specifically designed to cut through the edges of grass and along the edges that flank your lawn, such as driveways, walkways, and flower beds.
  • Lawn edgers can produce clean lines of separation between your grass and the driveway, sidewalk, or garden beds.
  • Some users believed the edger was well built while others described it as being constructed of flimsy plastic.
  • Especially if this is your first time edging, it’s a good idea to delineate your planned path with tape, a hose, or rope to show you where you’ll make your edging cuts.

When you have it laid out right, just use the hose as your guide and edge it. My lawn guy told me this is the way they do edges to keep mulch from falling back into the lawn, but have encountered problems with this on a slope. Btw I was a little afraid of buying the edger when I was checking it out at Home Depot but is was very easy to use. I have some sifted compost or sifted manure in a wheelbarrow. Using a flat spade, I make an edge with that and put the soil & weeds/sod into the sifter & shake & it falls atop the compost in the wheelbarrow. What doesn’t go thru the holes (sod/weeds/rocks/ plants) gets added to the compost pile/bin.

Worx Wg896 12 Amp 7 5 Electric Lawn Edger

After researching a variety of different models, reading through reviews, and comparing and contrasting the different options, we’ve narrowed down your options to the top 6 choices. Are you looking for the best lawn edger to use in your yard? Then read on as review all the top models along with Pros & Cons for each. Most lawn edgers will come with clear instruction manuals on how to assemble the pieces in addition on how to properly use the machine. Manual edgers are often used around existing flower beds or to create new beds. The blades of a manual edger are often in a half moon shape in order to make creating rounded edges easier.

If electric is more your style, I recommend the Ryobi ONE+ 18v edger. Unlike walk behind or stick edgers, these edgers use a string instead of a blade to cut an edge. The string wears quickly, especially when you’re edging along sidewalks or walkways, and they often need to be replaced. At 12 pounds, this is one of the lightest trimmers best lawn edger for curves on the market, making it ideal for larger yards where fatigue becomes a concern. It’s also among the most affordable, especially for people who already own other ONE+ tools and batteries. This edger comes in well under $100 without a battery, although a battery and charger will set you back about another $50 should you need one.

Author: Kay Burton